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Surf Film Night At The Waterfront

A film shot over three years by Mike Cochran about Josh Mulcoy's life long pursuit of an elusive Alaskan wave.

"Within Reach is a movie about my dedication to a specific area of Alaska and the dream of reliving a trip that was 27 years ago.

The area has always been at the top of my travel destinations; I knew what it was capable of delivering; it just didn't happen again for decades. For 27 years, I kept returning, year on year, trying, hoping, to recreate that first trip.

Over those years I began to see a shift in the sand, I reached out to a group of friends to come with me to try to get some waves, knowing all along it was going to be a huge gamble. The truth is that, for me, it's really more about the place than the waves, but amazingly, incredibly, the waves came.

On that trip, we stumbled upon a wave that I had never seen or heard of before in the area. That wave turned out to be one of the best sandbars I've seen in my life.

The wave was insane; the unfortunate thing was the current was so ridiculously strong that it took hours to get one wave, but it was just too good to walk away from. I can't even explain the sense of reward when the ocean eventually allowed us to scratch into a few; I'll never forget it for the rest of my life.

In short, I fell in love with the place on that first trip and continue to fall deeper in love with it on every trip I've taken since".

Josh Mulcoy

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